Stanley Cottage Online takes the approach to web design that can adapt to the clients requirements but still maintain a level of simplicity, enabling changes to the design without the need to re-write the underlining code.  Developing Content Management Systems (CMS) using this concept ensures that the core code does not require editing when changes are made, thus keeping cost down. Using foundational building blocks that meet with the current accessibility standards give the opportunity to be creative, remain cross browser compatible and be accessible at each stage in the development


Stanley Cottage Online has a competitive pricing structure and is able to offer hosting packages which include:

  • Domain Name registration
  • E-mail
  • Web space

Web Design

Stanley Cottage Online can provide a web design solution that will meet your needs, from just a few pages to a larger site with hundreds. With a full understanding of what is fashionable and listening to our clients requirements we are able to provide designs that will have an edge.

Stanley Cottage Online also provides a number of options to update your content, either on a pay as you go scheme or by creating a Content Management System with multiple templates where you, the customer, are able to update your content in the live environment.

Site developments include: