Website accessibility is more than just making your site usable to disabled customers. It is about improving the user experience for all users.

The UK currently has 6.9 million people of working age who are disabled and of that 2 million have sight problems. That is a large number of potential customers who have access to your website in addition to your current target audience.

By ensuring your website is built correctly this market can be captured.

Stanley Cottage Online have years of experience building Internet and Intranet sites that meet the current accessibility standards and are always looking for new ways to improve the user experience.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and changes in browser technologies it is even more important now to ensure content and applications function correctly using different media types without the need to build solutions for each type. Stanley Cottage Online is able to offer advice and solutions to meet this challenge.

By understanding the issues, Stanley Cottage Online creates designs that are accessible from the beginning with clear clean layouts, text only versions and mouse less navigation options.

Stanley Cottage Online can offer: